The Secret

A melted glacier of tears have flowed and failed to cleanse a troubled mind,

Hands clasped over both ears can’t dull the thundering crack of a heart cleaved in two,

Wretched thoughts ricochet in an endless whirl of confused servitude,

Regret, the unfairness of it all, slides like an avalanche down a mountain of despair.

Escape, that elusive jewel, is locked away in an impenetrable safety box,

Endurance and duty, the Siamese twins of fate are the Masters now,

Only one saving grace till the time comes to fly on wings of hope; The Secret.

A pristine white cloth is placed beneath the feet with ritualistic care,

Deep breaths of prehistoric stellar waves passing by on their infinite journey, enter through the nose,

Infusing flesh and bone with preternatural strength, eyes glazed, lips pursed in grim determination,

Hands are the weapons of choice, fingers become knives used with surgical precision.

Watching as if from an outer body experience, the first toe nail is teased away from the skin,

A ruby droplet of first blood drips in slow motion,to land and defile the clean muslin,

Shivers of masochistic pleasure curse through every nerve ending, encouraging, exciting,

Tearing, pulling, ripping the root with a final tug, exquisite, agonized pain, head thrown back.

The cleansing, purging pool of red life force joins to make an abstract creation on the cloth.

Oh sweet release,anger, rage and tension expelled through the self inflicted wound,

Heaving, tortured breaths endure the throbbing ache of deformity on the injured digit,

Peaceful calm washes away humiliation, time slows down and pleasure reigns.

Awareness returns like a punch in the gut, a tsunami of shame leaving only guilt in its wake,

Time to hide evidence, clean up the mess, think up a new excuse, apply a band aid,

A promise for the inner child to never do this again,this is the last time, honestly,

Until the next time. And there’s always a next time, but hush now, its a secret.



The Gift

She lies on her bed, stares at the ceiling, Emotions numb, devoid of feeling, Dust motes dance in a stray sunbeam, A last kiss from the golden gleam.

Shadows are forming, demons, reaching out, Voyeurs of the secret, Whispered screams, a silent shout.

Serene and corpse like, on a tranquil sea, Breathing in energy, to set herself free,

The walls revolve slowly, A wormhole in space, Humming a rhythm, Revolutions gather pace.

Clouds of butterflies, Rise from her breast, Sweet anticipation, Holds no protest.

Dark matter, photons, invade every pore, They surf in the blood stream, flow to the core.

Pure energy, Prana, Will carry her there, With half closed eyes, She will rise in the air.

A tornado surrounds her, as she is re-born, Suspended, ecstatic, in the eye of the storm.

A reward has been given, A medal of honour, For fighting a war, The one that broke her.

See how she smiles, forgive her temptation, A gift earned with blood, Levitation.