I Want.

I want to lie in a meadow beneath an umbrella of new-born leaves,

Warmed by the golden sphere impossibly high in a reflection of blue,

I want to drink wild blooms with my eyes until I am intoxicated by their vintage fragrance,

But most of all, I want you.

I need my time and space to cease its constant rearranging,

Balance on life’s tightrope and sway away from falsehood towards what is true,

I need to inhale and exhale until I can decipher mysteries and changes,

But most of all I need you.

I’ll miss the polite chatter and the exchanging of words that say so little yet mean so much,

And your smile when I am teasing is always on cue,

I’ll miss the unexpectedness of drowning in the depths of your nature, your intense poetic prose,

But most of all I’ll miss you.

I love sunsets and moonlight and raindrops which swell rivers and enthusiastic puppies and kittens,

Music that lifts the soul, I love chocolate too,

I love laughter and tears, rough and tender kisses alike, wild hard passion with a gentle touch,

But most of all I love you.